John Sheeran

Irish Rail

To whom it may concern,

Ambient Media Ltd. trading as Bike Locker installed 154 bicycle lockers at 18 stations in and around Dublin on the Irish Rail network since 2011.

Bike Locker are contracted to manage the rental of lockers to Irish Rail customers and for the ongoing maintenance and repair of these lockers. This business relationship has been successfully operated since 2011 and was recently extended to 2018.

Richard Strahan has provided reliable direction and support both for Irish Rail and our customers in the management and maintenance of our bicycle lockers.

RU Contract Management Department

Gary Smith

UCD Estate Services

To whom it may concern

As one of the largest journey generators in the Greater Dublin Area, UCD actively promotes the use of sustainable methods of transport for those travelling to the University. Amongst various initiatives to promote a shift away from car journeys and towards sustainable transport modes, a pilot project for the installation of secure bike lockers was undertaken in early 2013. were the successful bidders and 14 units were installed on the Belfield Campus. Throughout the research and purchasing process, through their representative, Richard Strahan, were very professional and attentive to the University’s requirements. The installation process was quick and uncomplicated with the lockers available for use straight away. have been in regular communication as regards the operation of the lockers and sought feedback on their use. As regards the lockers themselves, these have proved to be robust with no reported issues, feedback from the users has been very positive. Demand has been high, so much so, that the University has recently installed a further 10 lockers.

Facilities Manager

Temple Gardens, Northwood, Santry, Dublin

Management Company

We bought 14 Number Warrior Bike Lockers for residents for use at our Apartment complex. Richard and the team at Bike Lockers helped with choosing the most suitable locations and fitted the units with the minimum of fuss and with no disruption.

The lockers have proved to be very popular, such that we will be ordering more in 2018. We would be happy to recommend for the supply and fit of these high quality bike storage units.

August 2017

Bike Locker Renter at Balbriggan Station

I enjoy your service and find the Bike Locker very convenient for my way of commuting.

November 2017

Bike Locker Renter at Heuston Station

In relation to my experience with the Bike Locker at Heuston Station, I have to say it is great and really does make the whole commute much easier and also less stressful knowing the bike is going to be there when I need it is great.
10 out of 10 is all I can say.

October 2017